Took Tuesday off work to go flyfishing. The river was muddy! Fished the first 1/2 of the stretch without a single strike.
I actually got out of the river and was walking thru the woods, considering giving up on the fish in this river for the day. As I walked thru the woods, I saw all kinds of things. A large footprint:

A 3" long millipede on a tree:

A caterpillar eating a nettle:

A red leaf caught on a spider thread that was twisting in the breeze and would flash really bright:

And then there was this heart-shaped rock:

Got back in the river and finally found a few fish. Biggest fish (landed) of the day was this 17" Smallmouth Bass:

Caught 3 or 4 others, this one looked pretty good.

Went to another place. Caught some largemouth bass, bluegills, crappies, missed a nice catfish, breifly foul-hooked a bigmouth buffalo, lost a smallmouth buffalo, and had 2 carp on (hooked in the mouth) for quite a while, but both eventually shook free. One of the carp was pretty big.