Before I went to bed last night I checked the weather report. It said rain all night. I cursed the forecast and decided the streams would be blown out this morning. I woke up at my typical 6am and went out on the porch for a weather check. It had not rain. I looked at the radar and it showed a small front in the area. I had promised my wife to drop her off at her mother's this morning so fishing was put on the back burner.

We were in Gays Mills by 9am. I had dressed in fishing garb incase the waterways over that way were in good shape. There was still no rain but overcast. I dropped off my wife and headed to the stream with a big smile on my face. Overcast with a chance of rain is optimal conditions in my opinion.

The bright greens of summer had faded and taken on a more muted shade. Some of the trees were already thinking about the bright colors they wear in about a month. Fall wildflowers were lining the side of the road. The asters were the most flamboyant with their three different shades.