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    Flyfishing for carp & I hook into these. Go figure. Merry Christmas to all!


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    I also would not believe it but it appears that bass will bite all year round. Here in North Dallas a fishing friend has proved that fishing after sunset and before sunrise Blue Gill Crappie and lmb are regularly caught.

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    Nice work!
    Yes, bass, crappies and bluegills bite all year. Crappies and bigger bass seem to hit better the colder the water gets. We even catch them under the ice.
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    The lake where the spillway is has been draining due to zebra mussels. My fishing buddy gave me a trouser worm in red to use. I'd cast out, and as the fly was drifting would make a long slow strip. In between the strip is when the bass thumped it. I knew it wasn't a carp because of the erratic movement of the flyline as the bass fought. When we saw it, I was shocked to see the size. Looked like a football with a colorful tail. As far as carp which I was targeting, they'd come in waves of up to 50. I used an SJW, and got one legit hookset, but it got away. The many I did hook were foul-hooked. I'd strip & feel a bump. It felt like the carp were stacked up in certain spots of the spillway. This has been the latest we've caught fish here. Hopefully not the last.

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    Realizing winter in the south is somewhat different than further north, the state record largemouth bass for Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama were all caught in February several years back. That may no longer be true. The ole gal I have hanging on my wall was caught 2 days after Christmas about 30 miles south of Memphis.
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