Needed a break from all the smoke in the Flathead so checked the prevailing winds, loaded up the trailer and headed toward (somewhat) clearer skies. A flock of freezer eagles bid me farewell

Not quite a tank of gas to reach blue skies. Heading in, a few puffy clouds; should throw a little shade on the creek

A little closer in and they blossom. By the time I get on the water the first rumblings of thunder; 20 minutes holding 9' of highly conductive material in my hand while standing knee deep in another highly conductive material and I'm out of there, whether the cutts are biting or not (they were not)

Storm chased me all the way back to camp; made for some nice hues

On the road next morning to chase some sippers; reports are that crowds are not too bad but I always worry about scoring a decent campsite. Timing is everything; the campground was full by evening (although the water itself was wide open, except up in the Bathtub which I avoided)

Unhooked and grabbing all the photons I can get

Wish I could have met Rupe

A little too late for the trikes but hopper/dropper scored a pair here

Watched the transformation while suiting up the next morning