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Thread: Teaching without useing the word 'Casting'

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    All of this reminds me of the feminist I heard recently who does not want to refer to a female as HER because it is HE with and R. Far out thinking Capt. Paul, but if it works for you, go for it. It will always be casting to me and I usually get the fly where it needs to be with little effort. Good thing I am not an instructor who has to worry about the mental interruptions of an uncoordinated student who cannot visualize right from wrong.
    It isn't about me, I'm the instructor who had to figure it out. It works for the students, Instructors seem to have a hard time accepting that the students do get it, I understand. It's very difficult at first to teach with out employing the word casting, but my students convinced me it is the shortest route to their understanding.
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