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Thread: What thread to furl bass leaders that will roll out those big spun deer hair deceiver

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    Default What thread to furl bass leaders that will roll out those big spun deer hair deceiver

    I am not a big fan of mono furled leaders. Could someone advise me on what thread to buy that will be heavy enough to throw out those big spun deer hair deceivers.....spun deer heair frogs....poppers.....those wind resistant big bass flies?

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    I make what I call a "bi filament" leader consisting of 40 weight thread and spider wire. The spider wire stiffens up the thread just enough to turn over those big nasty flies.
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    Nice! tks for that Brad
    I think I will try that out. Would rod wrapping type A thread be good or would that be overkill?

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    I am not a fan of true small diameter mono furled leaders for warmwater. But I do hand twist all of my warmwater leaders with Trilene Big Game 12lb mono. They turn over everything I toss and twist up in 10 minutes with a micro-swivel.

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    THAT is information I am looking for. Will that leader in 7' leangth throw out those big wind resistant spun deer hair frog imitations with feathers for legs?

    I saw a link for leaders on the internet and it recommended a Hogzilla leader in 3.5' length. Yet Lefty Kreh says he uses 9-10' float leaders for bass.

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    uh.....the trilene...mono......I don't like mono.....looking for a threaded big bass fly leader..............

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