Sorry, I didn't mention Isos, but yes, they are hatching in late evening around 8pm. Don't overlook the Beetles. I call them lightning bugs, but they are plentiful around the river right now.

I tie a version of the Madsen Skunk, but with a flash body. I think that's what Gates is pushing also. My rubber legs are generally barred black and white whether it matters or not, I don't know. I have plenty of them tied, so no need to go buy them if you don't tie. I know most of you tie your own. I have been using a size 12-14, but have to go smaller in a few weeks. We'll be home this weekend, so anybody is welcome to drop by.

For Mark, yes, there is plenty to talk about and strategies to be formulated. By the way, Sylvia has all the eating utilizes; plates, cups, etc. Just need to bring folding chairs if you have them. I have a few extra. Monday is supposed to be a beautiful day and evening.