Looking for some help, I live in Pa. and cant walk the streams any more, so I started fishing lakes, from what I understand lake fly's and stream fly's are different. So I fish with this guy, he's has his quirks, so most of this year he has been killing the trout last time we fished he had hits or fish on almost every cast. On the way home I asked he what the hell he was using, all he said was a small maybe #18 gray nymph, now I'm not the smartest but I know there are loads of gray colors light, med, dark, and all the mixed in colors gray brown, blue gray, on and on. When I fish a nymph I was tough to fish it on the bottom, as soon as his fly hits the water he starts his retrieve. The fish were raising so I'm thinking maybe they were taking emerges . Its almost like a game to him taunting people, I would never ask him what he was using during the time we are fishing, but when he asks me I not only tell him I give he one of the fly's I'm catching fish on, not that happens very often. My question is does anybody have any idea about what fly he is using ( small gray nymph that lives in lakes )