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Thread: DOES PRICE MATTER? - Neil - Mar 30 2018

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    Default DOES PRICE MATTER? - Neil - Mar 30 2018

    I always enjoy scanning the threads that are posted on the FAOL bulletin board. It provides me with a sense of what is on the minds of our readers. There are several reoccurring themes; mostly ones that really do not have an answer that will satisfy everyone. One of those themes involves fly rods; are more expensive rods worth the cost. These discussions take me back nearly 50 years to when I first started conducting fly fishing clinics with the late JC.

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    25 years ago I could tell the difference between the best Sage, Winston, etc and a generic entry level rod.. In the last 18 months I have shopped for 2 separate 4 or 5 wt rods and 3 other 8 wts. I cast dozens of 8 wts, including Sage, Scott, Winston, TFO and others. There are some obvious differences in price levels based on hardware, cosmetics, and handles; but all are functional. And for me, some of the less expensive rods (TFO especially) cast really well and had excellent guarantees. I even found a two piece 8 wt at Bass Pro for $40 (sale) that is now my favorite rod if I don't have to travel with a short tube. Both Redington and TFO have honored their excellent guarantees. While some of the cheaper rods are clubs, there are some that are great feel and castability; just need to shop enough. Question; does anyone have a comment on Piscafun reels? I wonder about smoothness and durability.

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    Personally, no.

    For example....Anybody out there could pick up a $39 Cabelas Three Forks 8' 4wt 4pc rod and fish their way across the country. Any cast they were not able to make or fish they were not able to land along the way, that was within the realm of a 4wt rod, would not be the fault of the fly rod.

    Could you get a little faster with some high-end graphite, or slower with some custom glass, or prettier with some higher end accouterments? Sure. But is that "needed"?

    In reality, anything over $50 when it comes to a fly rod, is vanity or pure personal desire. Myself included.

    But that's OK too.
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    The cost vs that much better performance do not correspond. But there is certainly the prestige factor. Same for the fly reels. Maybe 30 years ago I picked up a click & pawl metal stamped reel for something like $38.00 - been a good reel and we've caught a lot of fish together. Also have a machined reel, no doubt a better reel, that I like, too, and the price was something like $250.00 - and so is the later worth more then six times as much the first mentioned? No ... (Unless, of course, that's what you want).

    And the debate goes on.

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    Indeed the debate goes on and will go on as long as there are fly rod manufacturers and people to buy them. Debate is good when it can be done without rancor and name calling.

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    Today I think rods are getting out of had in price. I like nice gear and don't mind paying for it but when rods go over $1500 with the exchange rate I cannot justify that. I do have some sage rods that I really like and have a number of high end reels that I truly like. Some from 15 years ago because they never wear out. Performance aside it is nice to be proud of your gear.

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