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Do you have more LDR's with the scud hooks? One day I have as many LDR's as fish to hand, then other days able to land more than LDR.
Guess I shouldn't complain as long as I get the grabs??????
Emphatically not! I find the short shank wide gap hooks with a bit of turn-in at the point makes it much harder to LDR. Much harder.

I do not use offset hooks, mostly because I do not like the look and the tendency to twirl in an offset manner.

I used the Mustad 9170 (IIRC) for a while... I like the seriously increased weight, the short shank, and the straight eye. I have come to find the down-turned eye on scud hooks does not adversely affect hook-ups or LDR rates.

Besides, "The Tug is the Drug!"