Boss sent us north of Clearlake Ca. for a load Thursday A.M. so we arrived Wed. P.M. After parking the truck in the field below the dam, we pulled out our "truck" rod and proceeded to pester the pond residents. Several LM's in the 2 1/2-4 1/2 lb range came to hand that evening on a frog immi we use. The next A.M. after loading the several trucks it was back to the pleasures at the pond with a 1" minnow immi popper for some more LM's and MANY large aggressive BG's. An underwater minnow immi produced more of the same with a bonus 8+ lb. catfish.
Of course the phone (camera) was on the dash of the truck instead of in the pocket (where the boss can reach me).
Farm ponds ARE grand....
....lee s.