I just got back from the 11th annual Washington Fly Fishing Fair in Ellensburg, WA. I had a good time.

Al & Gretchen & Carly were there. Al & Gretchen had a ton of neat fly tying materials and tools and some great sewing items by Gretchen up for sale. Their booth almost always had people in it since the prices were so good. They were selling stuff on Thursday while they were trying to set up the booth.

I do like seeing Al & Gretchen and talking with them. They are great people and have contributed so much to our fly fishing world.

Carly was always willing to accept a pet or back scratch. Her winter coat is rapidly coming out---I wonder, has Al ever tied any flies using her hair? I know dog hair absorbs water so it should be good for some shoulder material on a streamer.

Steve Zwebber and Jack Hise came over from the CDA/Spokane area for the day, it was good to talk with them for a little while until I had to get back to 'work'.

Al & Gretchen will be back next year and they will be at the tying tables creating some more great flies.

Larry ---sagefisher---