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Thread: 90 degree bevelling bit-any good??

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    I have been using a Baginski beveler for the last 15 rods. Not a very steep learning curve but it gets a bit exciting when one forgets to sharpen the end of a strip. Also keep control of the strip as it is going through the beveler so it doesn't become a projectile. I am not particularly fast but I can (and have) split a culm and bevelled the 18 strips into acceptable 60* prisms in an hour and a half. I could be much faster but I am only working with a Harbor Freight motor and it tends to bog down if I try to take too much off or try to feed it too fast. I strongly recommend you find the 36 or 40 grit paper to make your wheels; I tried it at first with 80 grit and got a lot of burning of the strips and the paper. Go over to Clarks and there is a fellow over there who makes the wheels. Good luck on your journey.
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