I have a question.

I have seen the "purple fly" movement gaining acceptance in recent years. I guess my first notice of this was watching Walter Wiese's video of tying the Loop Wing Purple Haze. Since then, I have seen a lot of pretty famous tiers/shops extolling the virtues of the fish catching ability of purple bodied flies.

More recently, I have found that using a small number of "sprigs" of UV pearl ice dubbing on my caddis flies really did seem to improve the number of takes.

I took this somewhat grainy photo of a little caddis pattern on the water in my slant tank the other day. Granted, I am sure it all depends upon how the light hits the fly, but I noticed that some of the few sprigs of UV material presented some "purple" spots around the fly.

Just wondering if others use this material; does it also improve your take %; and do you think it might be because, given certain light conditions, it gives off a "purple" reflection?