Does anyone take their bike fishing? If so, how do you haul your rod? In a month or so, if the good Lord is willing and the weatherman will cooperate, I will be in the Great Smoky Mountains.
At which time, I will be dropped off along way from anywhere, with only a bike to ride out. Thankfully, it'll be mostly down hill ride, i gotta get my brakes checked! Anyway, after fishing most of the day, I will ride my bike out. I'm planning on a piece of PVC, zip tied to handle bars. My rod is a 7 ft 3wt 2 piece, so it'll be kind of long and possibly cumbersome. If it broke into smaller pieces I could carry my rod tube on my backpack, but it would be awfully unhandy as long as it is. And buying another rod really isn't an option for me at this point. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

thanks in advance,