In amongst all the fly-fishing rods that I inherited when my brother passed were ten (10) older bamboo (cane) rods. I have been able to decipher only some of the decals on the rods.

Here is the quandary: Since I will never fish them what should I do with them? I do not believe any of them are high-end rods, with some being Horracks-Ibottsons. I offered them on the Bamboo Rod page on Facebook but no one was interested in the lot. Some are fishable the way they are and some need new guides and such. They all need to be cleaned. I can provide a list and pictures if someone is interested. I am not looking to make a lot of money on them, as anything I do get will go to my brother?s grandson?s college fund. I mostly want to get them into the hands of someone who can use and enjoy them.

What say you?