Been fishing a local lake n fishing has been sporadic at best..the last few evenings and mornings really have me there are fish of many sizes all working surface or near surface..I believe it's mainly a tail I see mean no bugs..this activity is say from ten feet off the shore to 30-40 ft off shore..nearer shore I can see the side flashes as fish feed just below the surface, With a surface disturbance...So this leads me to believe they are taking something ascending..but I've tried everything from rs2's in varied colors clear to size renegade dries in the flim..peacock n herls in all sizes..I mean what the hell can they be taking right now??? I've tried about everything in my midge box.. n nothing is working with any consistency...HELP...FIRE..LOL any suggestions???
This has me next outing I'll be trying a small Adams with a thread midge dropper.. anyone else fly fishing Onondaga lake by chance..? Like that's a chance lol