I met a young man the other day that is a conventional angler but was dipping his toe into fly fishing. We traded info and were tentatively planning to fish together in the near future. Well long story short he called me today and while he was getting diapers for his son last night at walmart someone broke into his truck and stole all his fishing gear including his $40 big 5 fly setup and his spinning rod and tackle box. He wasn't asking for anything from me other than advice on where he may be able to find a fly set up on an extremely limited budget.

Now maybe this is just a con job but I really don't think so. We talked for some time the other night before I gave him my contact info and I really feel like he is a young guy with a new family trying to put together a few dollars at a time to pursue a hobby. I have been in his shoes and would gladly make him a deal of a lifetime if I had a spare rod and reel. My wife and I discussed it and I checked out Cabelas bargain Cave and they have A Prestige outfit marked way down that looks like it would be a good starter package and includes everything he will need to get started. I can tie him a box full of flies and he will be able to upgrade and add as his budget allows.

So after all that my question is; Has anyone used the Cabelas prestige rod and is it a decent starter for a young man to learn the basics with? Is there a budget package out there that you would recommend over the Cabelas package? My budget is tight but I have been lent a hand up a few times over the years and would like to pay something back, so am asking for help finding some reasonable quality equipment.

Thank you all