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Thread: FAOL Members Fish with Me

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    Lee S. and Susan fished with me during their recent trip to Florida. Each caught his/her first snook and first spotted seatrout. Fishing wasn't easy, but their persistence paid off. They had to work hard, but fared well over the course of the day. They're very dedicated fly anglers and stuck to the plan.
    We started out a couple of hours before daylight to fish dock lights. Susan was up first and got a snook on her first or second cast. Well done! She also hooked another snook that broke her leader.
    Lee S connected on a fish a little later and we landed it after a strong battle. The fish was 27-28 inches. He hooked a snook earlier that was able to free itself.
    After daylight, we moved out into Sarasota Bay. Susan caught a couple of seatrout. The action wasn't what I had envisioned, so we paddled back to the launch, loaded the kayaks on the trailer and move 2-3 miles down the bay. We fished deep grass and caught 10-12 trout to about 22 inches.
    Fishing has been tough. The day prior 21 anglers fished the Fly Division of the annual CCA All-Release Photo Challenge and totaled four trout and a snook. Lee's snook and largest trout would have won the tourney!
    A few days later, I took an angler to fish dock lights in another part of the bay. He hooked two tarpon and a snook, but lost all three. There's a fine line between good and bad.

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    David Merical
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    Hey Steve,
    It was an absolute hoot!!! Kayaks are definitely our speed. And thanks much for a GRAND day. The next two days found Susan and self pestering the stuff along the Tamiami trail. And following your suggestions brought us a couple more grand days. Added another 4-5 species to the list. Lost the gator that stole one of the chiclids, so couldn't add that one. Goal for next trip......tarpon and peacocks!
    .....lee s.

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