I live in Florida, so nymph fishing isn't something that a lot of fly fishers here do. Typically, anglers here head to their favorite lake, pond or stream and cast popping bugs. When the fish quite hitting on top, it's time to go.

I was no different than any of them until about 10 years ago when I started fishing No. 10 and No. 12 bead-head nymphs under a strike indicator. My catches went up significantly. I catch a variety of fish, including big bluegill, speckled perch, shellcracker, stumpknocker, largemouth bass, channel catfish and tilapia. I even caught a small snook on a nymph while fishing the Manatee River a couple of years ago.

How many of you fish nymphs in warm water? What nymphs do you like? Any techniques you'd are to share?