Hello everyone. I know I haven't been on the board for several years; but I have lurked every so often.
In January, 2013, my beloved wife went for an annual checkup and the family doctor diagnosed adult onset type 2 diabetes from her blood results. Skipping forward seven months it was actually an indicator of pancreatic cancer just beginning. Through a series of tests it had grown to an inoperable condition. However, the surgeon suggested chemo therapy in a attempt to shrink the tumor for the possibility of surgery. No success after six months of chemo.
She passed at home in my arms on 6/27/14.

I have had no urge to fly fish or do anything since. Maybe one day.

On February 9th. I had the left carotid artery replaced (99.6% blocked) and this Thursday (March 3rd.) I will have triple heart bypass.

I read the post on Jack Hise and can empathize. I guess if you live long enough you have to go into the shop for an oil change and tire rotation!!!!

My kindest regards to everyone on the site. It has been a family to me since I joined in July of 2001. And, a world
of knowledge and learning.