I agree with you totally on this Marko. I really don't think Byron meant to use the term "ineptness". That's a spicy word for incompetence or stupidity. It would be utopia if guides only got brilliant expert charges on every trip, but this ain't utopia. Maybe the guides and shop owners are part of the problem here if that's the way they view and talk about their clients. Private conversations among friends eventually surface to the public one way or another as evidenced by this thread. Their names are not as relevant as overall attitude.
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"Concerning what guides think of their clients", that should remain between "his " ears. After pocketing $400 or $ 500 plus a "required " tip, the ONLY experience he should share about his client(s) is with his peer guides and NOT with someone who will possibly post that on a website. Sufffice to say, if i were looking for a guide on the Henry's Fork,( and it's not my cuppa) I for sure would eliminate this individual with 30 years experience with the loose lips and the gall to mention my "ineptness".