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Thread: Ok rod on the here this week..

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    Default Ok rod on the here this week..

    I want to be on the water ummm.. this week...Lol
    So rod..check...
    Flies tied like 200 a month or two ago lol check...even killer bugs...
    So only thing holding me back..n i am not waiting around ordering this or waiting if I do...
    I narrowed the search to a 100% florocarbon line..even the brand.. do not care about viability cause the amnesia nail knots will take care of that.. What pound test for a decent start out till I order either the Tusa or the Tbum lines will most effectively work for nymph n wet fly fishing 10lb? 12? 8?.. anyone? I just want to get the best to cover windy conditions,beginning casting,bigger bugs...n the like.. totally plan to order line n the keeper from tusa...but that may take a min..n I ain't got that kinda patience lol
    Oh..the rod is 6:4 if that is a huge factor n12 ft..
    Also.. anyone try a nail knot of a very thin strip of edge bright sheeting coated with liquid fusion?? Seems that would be like the equivalent of fiber optic sights on a bow...?
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    Wish ya great fishing,Bill

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