Just wondering if I am the only one who using furling on the parachute post to make it easier to wrap their hackle around the parachute post then trims the top off of the furled antron post afterwards to tighten up the hackle and to get the wing post to spread back out and get fluffy again.
This is something I started doing on my own back when I first taught myself to tie flies{no books,classes or vidios} but over the past few years I never have heard of or saw anyone else using.
I have found that at least for me furling the Anton post then tying in the post to the hook is much easier and quicker then wrapping the Anton post in thread to make a tight post to wrap the hackle on. Plus since after the top is cut off and the post spreads back out from its very tight weave it makes the hackle very tight around the post itself.
I came up with the idea to furl the post one evening after tying some extended body flies with a furled body then afterwords I started to tie up some parachute ants and I got the idea to furl the post.It made the ants very easy to tie.
I am not sure if anyone has ever done parachute post this way before. Every one I have shown this idea to has liked it and told me they never had seen it before.