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    Looks as if I am leading for August. This year has been a challenging one for me with new patterns and techniques I am unfamiliar with and I am continuing that with this month. This month's theme will be hair, any style, pattern or hair as long as it contains hair will be accepted. Let's see what trouble we can get into. Happy tying.


    Some time ago I received a grab bag of five different pieces of hair, one I think is wool (95% sure). I will make something from it, still researching a pattern.

    1. Bill Houk : - Withdrawn
    2. Rick Z: Hares ear type fly with Icelandic Horse hair - RECEIVED
    3. Gmac209: Black Nose Dace - RECEIVED
    4. Sjo: Bottle Tubes Mickey Finn Style - Received
    5. Ibrb: Withdrawn
    6. Icemanxxxv: Stimulator - Received
    7. Paddy80701: Deer Hair Mouse - Received
    8. Captain Mortis: Darkside - Completed
    9. Jwb1977
    10. Shortbus
    11. Luke McLeod: Half and Half
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