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    Hooked my first ever carp today. I was bluegill fishing with my 3wt and I knew I had something pretty big; that little rod has never been bent like that before, I assure you! That little reel never sang like that before either! I thought it might be a big cat until he ran. We made two trips down the lake - 200 yards or so each time - but both times I got him turned; I wanted to get him back to where my phone/camera was! I figure we tussled for 45 minutes or more; every time I thought he was pretty docile and I started thinking about how I was going to land him he'd shake his head like an old dog playing tug with a rope and off we'd go again. I was a little worried about the rod and line but both did their job just fine.

    This lake has pretty steep banks with about 6' of rip rap all the way around. I got him to what I figured was the most gradual slope where I hoped I could sit down and get hold of him; he was staying pretty near the surface by then. I figure he was 24" or more, but maybe all fish look bigger when you don't have to prove it, eh?

    I think I rushed it a bit; probably should have played him longer. I got hold of the line and was starting to sit down when the leader snapped and off he went. Man I wanted to land that fish! They say if you don't have pictures to prove it it didn't happen, but I ain't lyin', honest!
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