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Thread: Where to start and how to learn?

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    Default Where to start and how to learn?

    There is absolutely no reason for me to do this, but I would like to learn how to make furled leaders.
    I have used the 2 & 3 legged models and I really like them, the 3 seems to be my favorite. Is there a book or something that you recommend that would show me step by step (A to Z) how to do this? Can it be done without a $200 machine or the purple hair twisting device? I think I understand the various diagrams, but I not sure how to proceed after that. I purchase / use maybe 2 per year and have no desire to make much more that that. It just seems like something I should try.

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    A friend at our club had a demonstration on how he made his furled leaders.

    He made the peg board like everyone, but the winding of the strands he did by hand.

    He was an old model airplane enthusiast of the rubber band type, so he just used the same tool and counted the number of turns on each before joining together and letting it furl.

    rubberband winding.jpg

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    Kathy Scott (a member) has a DVD that explains the process for making Simple Furled Leaders (2 legged). The jig can be made for under 10 bucks.
    After using them for over 10 years, making them for over 8 years and traveling the fly fishing shows hawking them for Hog Creek Furled Leaders (Hundreds sold) I can see no reason to make 3 legged leaders, they only use a 1/3 rd. more material!!
    I also have some step by step photos in here on how to make the Shorb Loop and install the tippet ring.

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    I've got to agree with Jack. Kathy Scott's DVD is a great tool to help you understand the process. I got the DVD years ago and had learning to furl as one of my goals after I retired. With a bit of help from Kathy's DVD, some Q&A with Jack and Brad (Kaboom1) and a read through of the material and information on the FAOL Furled Leader Forum I was successful in making both tread and fluorocarbon furled leaders (two leg). Installing loops, tippet rings, and micro swivels is a breeze with the instructions available here.

    I use an old electric drill with a cup hook to furl the legs. Take them down to the 10% mark on whatever board you build and you should be okay. Unless you intend to get into mass production I can't think of a reason to invest big bucks in something to twist the legs.

    Good luck with the project!
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    Although I wouldn't recommend starting with making three leg leaders they perform flawlessly, and are my preferred leaders. Best to start with the basics, and Kathy dvd would give you that.

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    Count me in as another fan of Kathy's video. I was turned on to the dvd by Jack. I have since built a board from the instructions Kathy includes with the dvd.
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