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Thread: 2 Videos of Amano Katsutoshi-san Keiryu Fishing

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    Default 2 Videos of Amano Katsutoshi-san Keiryu Fishing

    These are two videos from the Owner TV website. Each are about 30 minutes long. Maybe half of the time is actually fishing.

    In the first one Amano Katsutoshi-san「天野勝利さん」fishes alone catching Iwana (イワナ) and Amago (アマゴ). I could not make out the make of the rod only that it is marked in English as a Keiryu rod. The bait of choice are nymphs and worms.
    The title is something like: Earth! Dream of Paradise Travelogue. 地球!夢の楽園紀行.

    The stars of the second video are some large Rainbow Trout (大型ニジマス) followed by some bigger Rainbows and one monster sized rainbow. In the first part of the video Amano-san picks up his fishing companion, who seems to be the fisheries manager for this river ( ? North River, 気田川), which is farther south than the rivers fished in the first video. On the way to the river they stop at some kind of Shinto Shrine or perhaps it is a shrine to some famous Samurai, or both, I couldn't quite follow that bit.

    The bait of choice are Salmon eggs ( Ikura, イクラ). There is more information about the tackle used. The rod is a Yamame 8.5 - 9.0 m with No.1 fluorocarbon line, and Owner Super Yamame 8.5 hook listed. However, in the video he at one point changes to a different hook.

    A little off the topic of Tenkara, but a lot of Keiryu rods and fishing seems to be posted here so I thought you might enjoy the videos.

    Other similar videos can be found here:

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