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Thread: WINTER COLORS - Whipfinish - Mar 2015

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    Default WINTER COLORS - Whipfinish - Mar 2015


    Rigging in the cold, always seems to be the most daunting task at hand whenever I am fly fishing winter waters. So, as history had already proven, standing at the rear of my truck attempting to complete a simple task I had done a million times over was once again kicking my ***. Even though 25 degrees and no wind felt almost balmy when I first stepped out of the truck, 5 minutes with bare finger tips trying to tie a tandem rig with two size #16 nymphs quickly changed all of that.

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    Have you thought about breaking the rod down and tying the flies on in the cab of the truck?
    That would be warmer.


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    I had a similar experience last trip in cold weather. A bitter wind sucked my body temperature down while change into fishing gear by the time i got to tying my streamer fly on i had the shakes and could not tie a loop knot i have tied thousands of times before. I finally just tied in on with a forceps tied knot that was strong but did not allow the fly the same freedom of movement. Once i got all zipped in with wind break hats and gloves i warmed up enough to enjoy fishing.

    I always enjoy your articles.

    I always

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