I offered to host and post these images for Tony until he can get his own website in place. I think Tony's Blue Max Flies are just excellent!

Tony mentioned that he had recently retired and moved from Maine down to Florida. He has since joined the Emerald Coast Flyrodders club in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

Nice job on these flies Tony!

[url=http://www.flymaker.com/bbGallery/Crab-t.jpg:23d3f]Blue Max Crab[/url:23d3f]

[url=http://www.flymaker.com/bbGallery/Crab2-t.jpg:23d3f]Blue Max Crab-Alternative View[/url:23d3f]

[url=http://www.flymaker.com/bbGallery/Craw-t.jpg:23d3f]Blue Max Craw[/url:23d3f]

[url=http://www.flymaker.com/bbGallery/Craw3-t.jpg:23d3f]Another Blue Max Craw[/url:23d3f]

Thought the board would enjoy viewing Tony's wonderfully tied patterns...


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