Hi there,

I saw the pattern and picture of this fly on this website in the Atlantic Salmon fly section. I would like to give this pattern a shot but of course I don't have any hooks that look even close to the Partridge GRS15ST or CS54. I tie dry flies and bombers on Partridge hooks and they are beautiful to work with. I have read that the GRSS15ST have been replaced by 15BN. I am going to have to order some hooks, but I am having a hard time to pick the sizings since they seem to be quite different than other hooks.

I would like to tie some for Atlantic Salmon to go with my dry fly selection, so I would think the CS54 would be the best choice, but what size would compare to other Partridge hooks?? Size 6?? 8?? I have Bartleet Supremes and Traditionals as well as CS42 Salmon dry hooks in all the sizes.

Any help would be appreciated on sizing these CS54 or 15BN (I might try some for trout also).