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Thread: Paying Tribute to Denny. Idea?

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    Default Paying Tribute to Denny. Idea?

    This is my off the wall idea. Denny Conrad was a great help to me about hackle. Due Date August 30, 2015.
    I am thinking of a swap tribute.
    Send 13 flies. A dozen will go to Reel Recovery and the recognition would go to Denny's family.
    One fly will be for a shadow box for Denny's family This fly should be one of your best or most meaning full.
    I will include a sheet with every ones name that would be part of this.
    Please use feathers that you got from Conranch Hackle, If you have them. Otherwise tie any fly you want to.
    Is there any interest?
    Please toe tag the fly to go into the box. That way your fly can be identified.
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