Brought back a lot of memories from the late 40's to late 50's for me. I have two life long friends starting in the 4th grade when I changed schools way back then. We're still friends although long distance now. We've kept in touch the last 65 years and shared many a story as well as a few visits home for me in that time. Went home to Vermont about six years ago for a 50th. class reunion and Bob and I whipped up a fishing trip to a stream that ran through the city. We had fished it since we were kids and I wanted to do it one last time. While we were rigging up I turned around and Bob was goofing around casting his fly into a small rain puddle on the asphalt parking lot next to the little river. Got a photo of him doing it and intend to frame it and send it to him one day. Didn't get over that fishing day for a long time due a slight mishap. While walking stream side in my waders I tripped on a tree root and landed full weight on my left chest. Problem was I had a sturdy metal fly box in my shirt pocket and man did that smart. Hurt for quite a while after I got home and occasionally later on when I did some lifting. Think I may have cracked a rib or two but just ignored it and never went to the doc's. Didn't effect my casting arm any so the heck with it. Wrote a short story about my buddy Bob but he's never seen it. Might send it to you sometime for comment.

Keep them stories and photos coming Len.
Can't get out too much anymore due to bad knee but try to whenever I can.