Sorry for off topic. Could not resist. Due to the many fine people on here and there high IQ I simply could not resist.

A week before coming here....from 3,000 miles away my home was broken into. Approximately $5,000 worth of Indian jewelry gone. Collected over 38 years of marriage to a now deceased wife. The memories of the purchases and the thoughts behind them more important than the dollars.

Shipping container broken into and all power tools and sockets, wrenches, saws, everything gone. As a working man I do not go out and buy expensive tool at the drop of a hat. So the lifetime collection of useful tools gone really sucks.

Now have to deal with a sheriff's report list to make out and another list for the insurance company. Several times tempted to cheat and include something that was in effect really stolen but not of this incident. But, I can't bring myself to do that. Friends with experience suggest I make it as high a dollar loss as possible. But....I just gotta keep it real.

Apologize for non fishing subject. I often wish there was a board for "Off Topic" subjects because of the many good and fine people on here.

Obviously any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.