Liljoe wanted to fish, again, today so we did. We had a great time on the river and caught many trout each. Nothing really large but sure a lot of fun. They were a mixture of Browns and Rainbows. In one of our posts on here, James Smith stated all he saw were pictures of fish and he wanted to see a "face to the name" so, here is my ugly mug that Joe took. He took the picture because I had a praying mantis on my hat and he just had to have a picture:

Here is just one of the pretty browns we caught:

Here is a picture of one of the rainbows:

Here is looking up the river:

Here is Liljoe with one of his rainbows:

Here is a picture looking down the river:

Just wanted to share. We had a good time on the river and did a lot of walking through the woods and wading. Beautiful day and fellowship.