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Well, you've gotten a lot of good and possibly bad advise. I make that observation because you did not quantify or qualify your needs. How much are you willing to spend on a vise + other tools? What type(s) of fish do you expect to be fishing for? Lastly, how much do you have to spend on the other tools, materials, books, etc. that are necessary.

You initial request is like someone who wants to build a miniature sailboat and asking what saw should he buy. Okay, maybe that's a poor analogy but I think you get my point.

Good point Allan.

I see vises priced from $20 to $500. I would like to spend around $100 or a little less if I can get away with it.
Is $100 for tools and materials reasonable?
I will be fishing for, well, everything. Where I live it's mostly bass and panfish with some stocked trout streams so I'm thinking that I'll have to drive 30-50 miles to get to a more pristine trout habitat.

Question - Do you only tie flies that you will fish with? Or are some just for the pleasure of the craft?