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Thread: October 2014 - Swap of the Month

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    Default October 2014 - Swap of the Month

    I think it is my turn to host, so, I am tossing out an October pattern. (If I am wrong and it is someone's turn, we can switch.)

    We have been all over the place with patterns in this year's swap. So, let's do a more traditional pattern in October.

    Jan >> Primarily non-fly tying materials
    Feb >> Biots
    Mar >> Wire bodied fly
    Apr >> Best trout flies
    May >> Dry flies with CDC
    Jun >> Puffer ball flies
    Jul >> Beetle
    Aug >> Using on-hand materials
    Sep >> Wets

    I?m always amazed the variety of finished flies produced with several people tie the same fly, they are never the same. This month, I am asking everyone to tie the same pattern > an Elk Hair Caddis. I will post pictures of the finished flies.

    October Swap of the Month = Elk Hair Caddis

    (I do not care what size, what color, what materials used, or what version you tie. If you consider it to be an Elk Hair Caddis, then it counts.)

    1. Rick Z >> Received
    2. jwb1977
    3. sjo >> Received
    4. Bob9 >> Received
    5. gmac209 >> Received
    6. billhouk >> Received
    7. Icemanxxxv >> Received
    8. RexW
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