Been awhile since I posted here and thought I would check in.
Started summer off in Idaho doing some trout fishing. Did some rivers and some stillwater. This was the last of June trip.

Then came July, and I went for a Bicycle ride for the fourth of July. Riding along the bike trail looking at the river for rising fish I started a down hill slope.
I looked up to a post in the trail that startled me so I applied brakes. Unfortunately, the front brake locked up and I went flipping over handlebars landing elbow first. Shattered my elbow and ended up having surgery the ninth.

Needless to say, I have been going crazy and one of the only things that kept me sane was my step daughter in town for the month before heading back to Korea (Air Force) and the heat. (too hot to fish)

So August 5th, back to the Dr and x ray of the arm. It is all healing good and time for therapy. Movement of the arm is greatly effected at this time but I can manage some things. I got two visits a week for a month, but I decided to do a little self therapy.

To help in the therapy, my birthday present arrived as well. Ordered the last of April, hats off to Dave from Sweetwater.

Fall will be much better than my summer and I am looking forward to it