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I can only remember breaking one rod (butt) of a Lamiglas 3wt when a spare battery in the 6.5 diesel had issues starting and we had this spare along. Going down some rough trails the battery tipped over and landed on my 3 wt. Wasn't the manufacturers fault so my buddy ended up with a spare tip for his lami and I bought a new Lamiglas blank.

Maybe I missed it perusing the responses but what is the consensus of the common folks when/expecting warranty coverage on blanks?

The most expensive blank I personally have/own (Dan Craft FT and a Gatti G4) but should I expect warranty on these?

My son, bless his little heart, because of his field of work, gets up to 50% off fly fishing products from some manufacturers. 15 years ago or so he bought a Winston WT (one of the nicest casting rods I've tossed) and still fishes it today. I've tried talking him into 'upgrading' to a Boron III blank as it would cost around $150 but he's satisfied with his WT.

He did send the rod back because of a wrap and guide that became loose and it cost him nothing but shipping.

But should we expect coverage on blanks?

I would say "expect what is offered" that's all. My hubby has a Winston LT. The butt section ferrule (so to speak) was not the right size to begin with. Very little gap when connected. It took very little time for this to wear to the point the second piece slid off. Aside from the shipping fee it was covered....was the shipping fee fair? However, when the tip section broke, there was a slight fee to fix it and a fair price on an extra tip.
I know with my Orvis and Sweet Grass bamboo, if "I" break it, they will still fix it at a fair price.
I had a St. Croix blank that I built into a nice rod. The tip section snapped on a fish. Could have been my fault. I stripped the guides off and they sent me a new tip for shipping.
Again, whatever the warranty reads, that is what I expect. But, IF it is my fault, they will still fix it at a fair price.