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    I'm Going ahead and posting my Swap out there. How about best trout flies. I know this isn't probably the place for this but I'm going to try a new endeavor too. I am trying to make some wood fly boxes and bass lures I have been dabbling in wood working. I figure I can't go wrong right guys.

    1. Gigmaster - Dk. Brown Hare's Ear Nymph
    Captain Mortis -cased caddis Out hope all works well
    3. Rick Z - RECIEVED
    4. jwb1977- pheasant tail Nymph
    5. sjo- Partridge&Orange Recieved
    6. Bob9- Killer Bug Variant RECIEVED
    7. gmac209- Pheasant Tail SHN RECIEVED
    8. billhouk- RECIEVED
    9. Icemanxxxv- Parachute Adams RECIEVED
    10. CharlainC- mosqueto
    11. RexW- Recieved
    12. Fontinalis- MIA

    please send the flies to
    211 Frazier creek
    silva mo 63964
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