As of today we here at FAOL have a new Admin. Many of you know her as she has been a Host for us and has tied in many swaps. She is way more knowledgable about computers than I. ( always figured nothing from nothing is nothing). So hopefully you all will give her your support as you have given me these past several years. Charlaine
moved out here to Washington state back last October, after graduating from Beauty School. She lives here on Liz & my property. She is in the process of starting her own business. She has her own place but is close to where I live. (here on the Conranch property)
We are working on a few Bamboo Rods together. Are also looking foreword to the soon to begin 2014 trout fishin.
I will help her as long as she needs help with the Admin duties.
After selling all my birds and being a bit long of tooth, I have been wanting to fully retire. Have spoken to the Owners at length about getting another Admin for the site. Today Deanna phoned Char, and the results are that we now have a new Admin.
I'd like to thank all of you for your support these past several years. My phone is always on my hip so I can be contacted.
509-999-7472 and there is always

Lets all go Fishin.