Hey guys, just want to say hi. I used to frequent this forum a while ago (probably 6-8 years ago) and its been so long that I can't remember what my name was on here. I'm recently contemplating a move out to the Montana/Wyoming area and thought that it would be a good idea to come back here and see what I can dig up. The majority of my fly fishing these days is in the salt for stripers and bluefish, but I do occasionally hit up the local ponds for some stocked trout. I have fly fished the Yellowstone area once, which was probably the best vacation that I've ever taken. Throwing big hopper patterns to rising trout was just an incredible experience. I'm hoping that I have the opportunity to do it again soon. I'm also a tyer and will probably do my best to start or jump in on some fly swaps. Thanks for keeping up such a great forum.