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    Default Forked-Tail Nymph SBS

    The Forked-Tail, tied with a black (or brown) ostrich herl body, was developed in the 30's by Don & Dick Olsen and popularized by Doug Prince; he came up with that peacock-bodied pretender-to-the-throne variation that bears his name. Can't argue with peacock, but the ostrich looks cool, too, and is a nice change of pace.

    hook - Mustad 79580 #6
    thread - Danville 6/0 black
    underbody - non-tox wire .025
    tail - biots black
    rib - silver wire x-fine
    body - ostrich herl black
    hackle - hen black
    legs/feelers/wings/whatever - biots white

    Part 1

    mash barb, wrap shank with non-tox

    start thread, wrap underbody; taper front and back

    even up biots, curving away from each other

    measure for length (hook gap), tie in and smooth butts

    tie in rib

    measure a pair of biots (shank length), moisten (makes them more pliable), tie in a "V" over the eye, curving down; when folded back, I've found this way allows for a neater head

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