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Thanks Kevin. Means a lot to know you are there.

Heard a story this morning that was a bit funny. At least you and I may find the humor. A gal was in for her third or forth treatment with Taxol. Her hair started to fall out so she shaved her head. She then noticed dark stubble on her shower floor. To get rid of the stubble falling out she used a lint roller on her head. Claimed it worked. She was a good story teller and had me laughing pretty good.

Humor is our best friend during this times; humor and the support from the folks at FAOL.

Thanks to all of you.
Remarkably, I didn't have any hair loss. But then, I didn't have Taxol. I did have a lot of morning nausea that the anti nausea meds didn't help. My feet and ankles swelled up to the point I had to buy new slippers because I couldn't get my feet in any of my footwear and I was sleeping some days as much as 20 hours. It all passes. I don't have the nausea anymore. The swelling is pretty much gone. And I'm not sleeping nearly as much but still 12-14 hours some days. The chemo was worse than the cancer. I'm still on oxygen and running on about 3/4 of a lung, but I feel great. I've actually be out fishing a little and getting rods wrapped so life is good.