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Thread: PEACOCK BUMBLEE - FOTW - Dec 02, 2013

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    Default PEACOCK BUMBLEE - FOTW - Dec 02, 2013

    Tying and fishing with bee patterns has always been a favorite pass time with me. I can't explain my passion for it. No matter where my travels take me I always manage to purchase some local bee patterns and tinker with variations once I get them back to my bench. After tying a lot of fancy concoctions utilizing plastic wings, heavy bodies, legs and hackle I've discovered that simpler is better. Today I give you a pattern which I have perfected over the last few years. It's clean and simple - and it works great!

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    I clearly remember as a kid some 5 or 6 decades ago sitting in a leaky old wooden rowboat fishing - probably drowning worms - and watching a big old bumble bee on the surface of the lake. Suddenly the biggest bluegill I had ever seen came up and took the bee. Ever since I too have been fascinated by bee flies. While I gave up fighting with hair bodied flies a long time ago, your elegant tie may just have inspired me to give it a try again.

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