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    Hi Guys, I had a day to play with my new Butterstick 8ft #5 on some small streams in the Coromandel Ranges on the way to Whitianga for a days Kingfish fishing.
    I started out on a small stream that to be honest I do not even know if it contains any trout. It was however a a lovely spot and I gave it a couple of hours for no result and no fish seen!
    So I moved on to the Tairua River

    A lovely spot that holds a few small trout

    and managed to hook a couple of Rainbows on a small parachute Adams, here is the best one.

    As you can se he is not huge, but while I was releasing him, I was kneeling down, facing the bank and there was a large splash, right between my knees, a large long fin eel had swum between my legs to try to get a feed of trout! It gave me quite a fright I can tell you!
    I managed to persuade the eel to depart, by giving it a tap on the snout, before releasing the trout.
    All in all a good days fly fishing and the new rod was a pleasure to fish with, very light in the hand, handled the breezy conditions well and was very soft in the tip once hooked up.
    The next day we fished for Kingfish, but not on fly, here's on I kept for the smoker:

    All the best.
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