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I'm reminded of a time that an extended biz trip found me in beautiful NZ about mid-trip. Jet lagged beyond belief.

I had this strange dream where I woke up in the middle of the night after dreaming I had heard Elvis songs being played on a bagpipe. As I struggled to comprehend things, I found myself wondering what continent I was on, not just what city, and wondering about the origin of this very strange dream. As I tried to resume sleep, a real life, likely inebriated, bagpiper began playing Elvis songs in the street below my room.

When morning came, I wandered groggily around the streets near my hotel. I went into a shop offering tourist info and NZ gifts. I bought a wonderful NZ hand knitted wool sweater there at a bargain price. I had dinner that night with a local employed by my company. When I told them about my sweater buy, the wife told me I had likely been ripped off. Then I showed her the sweater and she was amazed and asked me for the address for the shop.

That sweater gave me a lot of comfort and happy memories for many years. I hope I can get back to NZ at least one more time before I kick the bucket. It is one of the world's paradises.
Number 1, oldfrat- I'm rather envious of your marvelous experience in NZ.
Number2- since the aforementioned sweater was knitted of lanolin-rich New Zealand wool, would it have made a fine floatation aid?