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Thread: Saw a different type of Kayak /canoe while visiting Florida

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    They aren't cheap..I regret to say that.. I had the hobie outback n sold it..... I kick myself constantly for my doing that... They are fun n awesome n this is why you never see them for resale.. best bet is find a shop that carries them n buy new... I need a boat to replace mine n sadly they are now well out of reach price wise for me..even though I now have the highest paying job of my life..Lol
    Oh n as a former owner they are awesome for fly fishing out of..line drops right between legs or over the side..I never had issues anyway...that said I am currently trying to locate a local place that has the nucanue frontier 12.. my dream boat is a mokai.. but that will set me back 5 grand..n I didn't hit the powerball...Lol
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    Wish ya great fishing,Bill

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