I've done a fair amount of cycling to fishing spots, but I'm always a bit of a minimalist, and when I'm cycling recognize that I'm even more so and really "travel light". I wear what I want to fish in (shorts or jeans) and either fish from the bank or "wet wade" depending on locale. No waders or fishing boots, as my shoes are either some Keen "sandals" or my light hiking boots. No cycling cleats in this application either as I just use toe clips and straps. My "cycling rod" is typically a Scott 602-3 F2, or a Winston 863-4 BIIIx. I simply remove the rod sock from the tube (leave the rod inside the sock) and keep it rolled up. I then use two short "velcro" strips to secure the rod/sock under the top tube of my bike (grip end of rod toward front), with the extra length of the rod passing by the seat post and "hanging" out over the rear tire. Being a three piece six foot rod, (or a four piece eight and a half foot rod) it extends just a few inches past the seat post, and is pretty much out of harm's way. The velcro strips I use are about a half inch wide and six inches long. One side of the strip is the "hook side", and the other side of the strip is the "loop side". So they can "fasten" as small or large as I need. And once I'm fishing, I don't have to worry about a nice rod tube being unsecured, and can even stuff the sock (and straps) into a pocket or pack if I feel a need to.

The reel, fly box, scissor forceps, tippet spools, etc. go into the cargo pockets of my jeans, or a small fanny pack I wear if I have shorts on. And if I really want a lot of stuff (food for example) I'll wear my small chest pack.

Water bottles are in their cages, and I wear the sunglasses I'll need. My small bicycle seat pack carries all the bicycle repair items except for a small frame mounted pump, and that pretty much covers everything I need.

My hat is really the only thing I don't have a place for, as I always wear a helmet, and my hat won't fit under it. So I have to resort to finding somewhere to stuff it, but it's usually not too difficult to do as well. I also use an elastic loop to secure my right pant leg if I'm wearing jeans, so they don't get sucked into the chain rings.

I've ridden as far as 25 miles one way to a specific destination with this set up and had no issues. But being a roadie at heart (and for most of my cycling), that was a long slow ride for me, and not one I'd really care to do again. But for the "exploration" of a stream with some single track along side it, or the quick three to five mile hop to a local fishing hole, I love using a bike.