This will hold true for most of the SE give or take one or two. I kind of like the attitude of a local guy who says "There are two kinds of snakes, chicken snakes and cobras. If it doesn't have a chicken in its mouth, it's a cobra."

  1. Eastern Green Water Snake
  2. Brown Water Snake
  3. Red or Yellow-Bellied Water Snake
  4. Banded Water Snake
  5. Northern Water Snake
  6. Banded Water Snake
  7. Striped Crayfish Snake
  8. Glossy Crayfish Snake
  9. Black Swamp Snake
  10. Brown Snake
  11. Red-Bellied Snake
  12. Eastern Ribbon Snake
  13. Common Garter Snake
  14. Smooth Earth Snake
  15. Rough Earth Snake
  16. Eastern Hognose Snake
  17. Southern Hognose Snake
  18. Ringneck Snake
  19. Eastern Worm Snake
  20. Pine Woods Snake
  21. Mud Snake
  22. Rainbow Snake
  23. Racer
  24. Coachwhip
  25. Rough Green Snake
  26. Corn Snake
  27. Rat Snake
  28. Pine Snake
  29. Eastern/Black Kingsnake
  30. Mole Kingsnake
  31. Scarlet Kingsnake/Milk Snake
  32. Scarlet Snake
  33. Southeastern Crowned Snake
  34. Eastern Indigo Snake
  35. Central Florida Crowned Snake
  1. Copperhead
  2. Pigmy Rattlesnake
  3. Canebrake or Timber Rattlesnake
  4. Cottonmouth
  5. Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake
  6. Eastern Coral Snake